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      There is a small town at the border of Pennsylvania and Ohio named Midland, PA.  It is a town much like other formerly great towns which thrived due to the steel industry, and felt the sharp sting of joblessness as that same industry died.  It is a town afflicted with poverty, broken homes, and dreams of better days.  Yet, it is not a town of hopelessness.


A decade ago, we had no idea such a place existed, nor any intention of one day being so enthralled by its residents.  And yet, that is exactly where we are today.  Read more..


Student at the Center

“The Center is a place full of respect and it’s an awesome place to fellowship with others. I come because it’s areal opportunity for me to give back to the community and always help. I have learned to respect people,God and His things.”

Midland resident

“I believe that The Center has had a great impact on the children in this community. They now have a place to go and hang out without worrying about any dangers of walking around the streets. They have interested adults involved in their lives bringing a sometimes new or different view on how to handle situations. It has been good to know that Christ can be delivered to those who may not have the opportunity to have Him intheir lives. Thank you.”

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